The Business of Transformation

In any organization, IT implementation alone does not guarantee improvement of business processes.

Improving processes does not ensure people will adopt and enhance them.

Even doing all of the above, does not always result in the expected increase in company value.
In order to maximize the outcome on these implementations, gA developed the Digital Business Transformation model (dBT): an approach, a methodology, and a set of techniques & tools to increase the value of an organization through transformation initiatives. 
This methodology works simultaneuously on the business processes, the people, the technology, and the value created, aligning the transformation with the client´s strategic goals.
The dBT model has been developed by gA through 20 years of projects and services with clients, to maximize the outcome of these implementations.

As you can see on the chart below, dBT is built out of the methodologies of Business Process Management, People Management, Value Management and Technology Management.

Reduce time to market We got this done for a Mexican bank for its loan origination business.
Reduce average stock levels We got this done for a leading Mexican department store.
Merge different operations We got this done for a Brazilian cement company after they acquired an Argentinean operation.

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