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  • Country: Argentina
  • Project: Process Transformation through the Implementation of JDEdwards-Oracle
  • Practice: JDEdwards-Oracle and BPM Services


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Towards the end of 2007, CAPSA decided to embark upon a process transformation project through the renewal of its management systems, with the objective of consolidating the group’s operations using a world class tool that would allow the replacement of current systems and custom applications. After several months of analysis, CAPSA selected JDEdwards-Oracle, version 8.12 as the management tool and gA as the company that would carry out the project.

The Company:

CAPSA is a locally owned company with a long tradition in Argentina. Focused on the energy business and headquartered in Buenos Aires, the company operates oil fields near the city of Comodoro Rivadavia. In addition, their subsidiary company CAPEX SA operates the Agua del Cajón gas fields in Neuquén province, where the company has equipment to transform the gas into electricity (with installed capacity of 670 MW), which is later transferred directly from its turbines to the national power grid. This is the first completely integrated facility in Argentina.

The Objective:

To implement a management tool for all the company´s businesses based on a unique model, identifying opportunities for improved systems integration and allowing for greater process and information flow efficiency and timeliness.

The Selection:

CAPSA selected gA as a result of the approach and methodology proposed in order to understand CAPSA´s business model during the selection stage, in addition to gA’s experience with similar JDEdwards-Oracle based projects.

The Service:

  • gA provided the following services as part of the project:
  • Data collection, analysis and design of the implemented functional model at all company sites using BPM methodology
  • Training of the project team (key users and systems department)
  • Documentation of CAPSA functional processes
  • Installation, configuration and go live of the JDEdwards-Oracle application for all companies in the group

Benefits Obtained:

  • Establishment of a basis for continued and orderly growth of the technology department
  • Standardization of operational processes
  • Improved reliability of information
  • The solution proposed by gA allowed the alignment of the project with the company´s overall strategy, taking into consideration functional, infrastructure level, transactional, strategic and collaboration issues.

“The methodology and approach applied to the project in order to define a management model based on the market´s best practices and integrated with the JDEdwards-Oracle application, were the determining factors in the selection of gA as the supplier to integrate the solutios”. Andrea Barón, Systems Manager for Grupo CAPSA

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