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1. Legal Framework.

gA informs that the website at (referred to hereinafter as the Website) serves the purpose of providing the general public with information regarding the company?s activities and the services it provides.

By accessing this Site you are considered a visitor (hereinafter, the Visitor) of the same, which implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions expressed herein as they apply at the moment the Visitor accesses the Website.

gA reserves the right to modify the information contained in the Website, or the configuration and presentation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, at any time and without prior notice.

As applied in this User Agreement, “gA” refers to (1) gA S.A., (2) the entities controlled by, under shared control by, or in control of gA S.A., (3) any and all affiliates or associated entities of the entities mentioned in section (2) authorized to use the name or brand “gA”, and (4) any entity affiliated or associated to gA under the terms gA may define at any time.

2. Confidentiality / Privacy.

gA has adopted a confidentiality policy to protect the privacy of the personal information supplied by the Visitors to our Website. The Confidentiality Standards on which this policy is based are as follows:

Information Deemed Confidential. Any personal information provided voluntarily by the Visitor to our Website. This includes information supplied to gA by the Visitor when requesting gA Upd@te (the newsletter published by gA), access to information regarding product location, authorization to download information about gA, job applications, or any other activity requiring personal information. This information generally consists of: first name and last name, company name, position, address, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses, sex, age, date of birth, nationality, marital status, and any other required information. The Visitor may change or update this information at any time, although in all cases the information supplied shall be deemed confidential.

The Visitor expressly recognizes that by entering this Website he or she is freely and expressly granting informed consent to gA to use their personal information, whatever its nature or type, in any way and for any means, including sharing them with third parties at any time. The Visitor also recognizes that he or she is fully informed of: a) The purpose or purposes for which their personal information will be used, and who the recipients of this information could be; b) the consequences of providing this information and the refusal to provide it; and c) any other requirement established by current legislation.

Purpose of the Information. Any information supplied by the Visitor shall in all cases be used for its intended purpose, or for the purpose that the Visitor may authorize. All data supplied by the Visitor as confidential shall be exclusively used to provide the Visitor with a customized service, as required. gA may advertise its products, offer other material, inform the Visitor about current job openings, etc., only if the latter has specifically requested these.

Confidentiality of the Information. gA shall not share information with any other Visitor or third parties, except if expressly authorized by the owner of such information, or if required by a court, legal or administrative order, or to protect the proprietary rights or other rights belonging to gA. gA does neither sell nor lease the information provided by the Visitors.

Personal Data Changes or Updates. Any personal data supplied by the Visitor shall be in a file that contains his/her profile. gA encourages the Visitor to keep his/her data updated, so as to improve the relationship between gA and the Visitor.

Protection of Personal Data. Since no transmission over the Internet can guarantee 100% confidentiality, gA provides no warranties that any data supplied by the Visitor when using this service will be fully secure. Therefore, the Visitor shall supply any data by means of this service at his/her own risk. In order to reduce risks, gA recommends that the Visitor should log out of his/her account and close the browser window upon finishing the session, particularly if the Visitor shares his/her computer with others or uses a publicly used computer to access the Internet.

Acceptance of Confidentiality Standards. These Confidentiality Standards constitute a binding legal agreement between the Visitor and gA. By accessing gA?s Website the Visitor acknowledges to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the aforesaid Terms and Conditions. If the Visitor does not agree to this, he or she shall refrain from supplying any personal data.


3. Copyright.

All content in this Website, including, without limitation, texts (as comments, presentations, reports and reproductions) graphics, logos, icons, images, audio and video files, and computer software (the Content) is the sole property of gA and/or its Content suppliers, and is protected by copyright law. Any improvements to, and/or changes of, the Content in this Website are the exclusive property of gA. All computer software used in this Website is property of gA and of its software vendors. The Content and software in this Website may be used as a source of information Any other use, including the full or partial reproduction, alteration, distribution and/or transmission of the Content owned by gA is strictly prohibited, except as expressly authorized by gA.

Permission to use gA’s Content is granted exclusively on a case-by-case basis. Please address all requests to In all cases, (a) the authorized use of the Content (whether by total or partial reproduction or otherwise, through means or processes either known or unknown at this time) is subject to the unavoidable obligation to specifically quote the source, with the date of publication and any information regarding its authorship; (b) gA assumes no liability whatsoever for the full or partial reproduction of the Content without its express authorization; and (c) gA shall not be liable before any civil or criminal court for any damages deriving from the undue or improper use of the Content. gA is particularly concerned about the protection of its own or third parties intellectual property; therefore, if under any circumstances it would come to your attention that any Content is or has been reproduced, in full or in part, in violation of copyright and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, please contact gA at the above address to request the required authorizations.

4. Brand Names.

“gA”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “ASSA Express”, “ASSA News”, Application News”, “ASSA Pyme”, “e-solutions”, “”, “”, “”, “” and “gA Upd@te” are gA?s trademarks registered in Argentina and other jurisdictions. The graphics, logos and names identifying the Content are also registered trademarks of gA. These registered trademarks may not be used in connection with products or services not belonging to gA in any way that could be misleading to the Visitor and/or compromise gA?s reputation. gA?s Website (or any part of such Website) may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or used for purposes other than those expressly permitted by gA. Access to gA’s Website as well as any use of the information contained in them is the Visitor’s sole responsibility. It is expressly prohibited to use any Content included in the Website without prior written consent from gA. The Website Design and Content are protected in accordance with the provisions of Copyright Law 11,723 and Law 22,362, and it is expressly forbidden to change, copy, distribute, transfer, deploy, publish, edit, sell or otherwise make use of them.

5. Content

Proprietary content: gA offers its content as a service to Visitors, who should used it for information or educational purposes. gA assumes no liability for any error or omissions in the Content. Neither does gA explicitly nor implicitly guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the Content, text, graphics, links and other elements stored in its servers and accessible from its Website.

Third Party content: Visitors are warned that, because not all the information contained in the Website is property of gA, some of the texts, graphics, links and/or the content of some reports included in the content may not be accurate or updated; furthermore, it does not warrant that such third party information complies with current regulations. gA shall not be liable for third party Content compliance with current intellectual property legislation, or for the accuracy and veracity of this Content, to the extent supplied by third parties or in any way related to them. Third party publications do not represent the opinion, belief or intentions of gA.

gA or third parties may provide links to other web sites or resources over which they have no control; therefore, the Visitor accepts and agrees that gA shall not be responsible for making such external sites and resources available, nor shall it support or be liable for them, or have any legal liability in respect of their Content, sale, products or other materials in, or the resources available from, such sites or resources. In addition, the Visitor accepts and agrees that gA shall not be liable or directly or indirectly held responsible for any such site or resource.

6. Liability.


7. Jurisdiction.

All Visitors accessing the Website accept to submit to the laws of the Republic of Argentina and to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of the Self-Governing City of Buenos Aires.

8. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are a legal commitment undertaken by the Visitor and gA. By accessing this Website, the Visitor acknowledges to have read, understood and agreed to the aforesaid terms and conditions.

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