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How we built a multinational company in 20 years

Management, competitive strategy and 20 years of history, in a book to learn the successful case of gA.

We were born from the dream of a group of people who didn’t leave their idea in just a vision, but rather, took action and began a journey. After 20 years, that journey became a multinational expanded throughout Latin America, which helps transform businesses worldwide.

The way gA grew, how it set apart from other IT companies, and the way it projects intro the future projects, became a book, especially thought for those who want to know how to create a successful company with values, customer focused, committed and responsible.

The book brings together the efforts of more than 20 people who shared their thoughts and experiences, including company executives, and several of its business and financial partners. The book covers topics such as strategy in the IT market, talent management, customer’s value proposition, client relations and corporate culture necessary to achieve business success.

The foreword was written by Jorge Forteza, renowned specialist in the field of competitive strategy. The success story of gA is a testament to the tremendous potential of Latin America when competing in the global IT market, and the possibility of building local 

multinationals that can compete successfully with key industry leaders, both in developed countries as in emerging ones, with India as the most emblematic.

Now is the opportunity for Latin American businesses to achieve meaningful space in these markets, based on its human resources, familiarity with IT, language and cultural flexibility and a favorable geographic location that allows to compete and complement with other large projects from India or Europe“, said Jorge Forteza. He added: “This books shows in detail all these issues, which are also initiatives underway, with its victories, mistakes and heavy learning process. But I think the most important lesson is how a team of Latin American entrepreneurs is leading a battle to build a multinational company that can compete on an equal basis with global industry leaders“.

Meanwhile, Roberto Wagmaister, Founder and CEO of gA, said: “Our goal is to help companies improve their business processes and support them in their international expansion, understanding and using technology as an enabler of change to improve companies’ processes.”

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