Digital Transformation

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Digital economy is a reality; however, the adoption of new digital technologies in favor of operational improvements is not a trivial activity.
gA invests in research and development of emerging digital technologies with teams dedicated to understanding its potential, impact and restrictions, to help our clients in the development of integrated visions about how these technologies can transform business processes.
Most questions and issues related to mobility solution are reasonably answered, and the main market actors are already offering complete and consistent solutions. However, this same scenario is far from being true when talking about cloud services. But, according to Gartner, within a few years, the adoption of Cloud solutions will be among the five main priorities of large public and private companies.
These new digital technologies can allow companies to:
  • Give sales representatives the tools to define discount subject to production and distribution logistics capacity so as to maximize return for the company
  • And these discounts could be defined when visiting clients, accessing to information through mobile equipment
  • Furthermore, this information could be supplied in real time taking into account the current situation of the company production order and delivery status
  • And all of this could be processed in the cloud in such a way that processing and use license costs were directly related to the use of these solutions with no need to make unnecessary investments and with scalability guarantee as the business requires it
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