Life Cycle Approach to Transformation


At gA, we listen carefully to our client´s needs, undertake a systematic analysis and prepare the model of how the company´s new process design will look like after the implementation.

We are familiar with software possibilities and their restrictions. We work with combined teams of experts in the industry processes who are also trained in BPM methods and technicians who are familiar with the software that is going to be implemented, such as SAP or Oracle, or specialists in software development and integration methods. We take every human aspect of the organization and the project into account.

We do not focus only on the cost and impact of the implementation, but also on maintenance and subsequent improvements. In essence, we think through the full life cycle.

When designing, we take into account the entire cycle ahead, what will be implemented, how it will evolve and how it will be maintained in the future, as the business, the market, and technology change. We also apply this concept when maintenance is outsourced to us as part of our Application Management Services (AMS) that includes support, correction, and evolution of the systems implemented in a company.

The improvement of an organization does not take place all of a sudden; nor does it reach its maximum level immediately. We set out consecutive stages that can be implemented as transformation management matures. Our approach allows clients to achieve continuous improvement


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