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The banking industry is facing big challenges to achieve more efficiency, integrity, transaction traceability, data transparency and better integration for the systems that support daily operation.

At the same time, the client has evolved, and the way in which it relates to its bank has become more complex. In this scenario, systems and processes must be designed taking into account user’s experience and the strengthening of the relationship with the client.

The following are some of the industry challenges:

  • Efficiently managing the different technologies around the entity core system with integrated and standardized processes
  • Having 24×7 services anywhere and in multiple channels, i.e., mobility
  • Quickly providing officers with reliable information to take decisions
  • Understanding their clients’ needs using all contact points with them, and being able to quickly transform these needs in product offerings and services that generate high interest and greater incomes
  • Improving customer service through an efficient multi-channel service achieved through the convergence of different technologies – mobile, Internet, phone, digital television and social networks



The successful implementation of solutions to solve current issues and achieve the results required by financial institutions lies on the services of a specialized partner, providing above all a consulting service structure fully devoted and committed to project success and end-to-end services – including integrated project management, consulting services on processes, change management, functional analysis and technical services to solve all the necessary aspects.

gA provides financial institutions with the following services:
  • Implementation of SAP, including specialized solutions for vertical markets such as SAP Banking Services.
  • Effective integration with the rest of the Bank landscape, including legacy systems and other packages.
  • Use of the NetWeaver platform to integrate the features of Front End Commercial, to improve navigation, workflow and collaboration among Bank officers, resulting in higher productivity and better customer services.
  • Process modeling for business integration
  • Evolution to service-oriented architecture (SOA) by integrating processes and applications
  • Integration architecture and technology management
  • Solutions based on heterogeneous architectures
  • Development of multi-channel solutions
  • Integration of Data Center services
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