Cloud Services

Through gA Cloud Services (see video demo on this page in spanish), our customers can access a new business model that replaces the traditional software license acquisition for a subscription to the cloud-based solution, making a different paradigm in the form of technology acquisition.

This new supply agreement born in gA and SAP, is built with a focus on Consumer Goods industry (CPG), and presented as differential value between the best practices embedded in SAP solutions, in union with the methodology Business Process Transformation (BPT) of gA. The final result is a Business Transformation Solution of cloud-based rapid deployment and low operating effort.


  • Complete Operation cloud-based on SAP.
  • Centralized control of applications, users and access facilities.
  • Centralized deployment to devices.
  • Multi-platform support with the same development.
  • Quick development of complex solutions through a standard framework.


  • Fast & easy implementation and scaling of the solution.
  • Payment of a service against implementation projects.
  • Increased ROI.
  • Solution fully managed by gA, freeing up resources to focus on client business.
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