Process Performance Management

Why Process Performance Management?

● In a globalized and digital economy, optimizing business processes is fundamental to achieve operational excellence, provide consistent value in customer experience and reduce costs.

● Business process analysis may be an approach to analyze, identify improvement opportunities and design enhanced processes. Modern technologies and methodologies enable additional approaches to analyze what is really happening with actual company processes, it’s performance behavior throughout.

Why Process Performance Management with gA?

● gA’s Process Innovation approach ranges from full process innovative design or recreation, leveraging digital technologies orchestrated with the core systems to incremental and fast process improvement.


● Process standardization using RIM (Replicable Integrated Models) is also a key approach to simplify processes, share best practices, and increase agility for future continuous changes.

● Digital technologies combined with a proper approach and methodology enables gA to provide Process Intelligence, real time and/or consolidated information about real process behavior, frequencies, lead times, resources, main actual process flows, alternative flows that are used or not, document types, participants, and other key information.

● Process Intelligence methods enable analyzing real process behavior, creating alerts, identifying systematic process improvement opportunities, measuring and comparing implemented process enhancements or even completely redesigning processes.

● gA’s Process Performance Management also implements Value Management techniques, linking process behavior and operational KPIs with business process goals and financial KPIs. A measured based approach, to focus process enhancement efforts in the most strategically impacting process improvements, establishing and measuring process´s KPIs.

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