Drive to Standardization

Why Drive to Standardization?

● Innovation initiatives need a solid, effective operational platform, the best processes, standardized application models, technologies. Multinational leading companies are driving standardization programs to share the best practices worldwide. Standardization implies less unnecessary process variances, reduced complexity in the core applications and platforms, a smaller amount of roles, reduced risks, common unified and standardized global master data for key information (such as clients, products, charts of accounts).

● A leaner Enterprise Model: processes, roles, data, applications imply a more agile one. Standardization with the proper governance model provides flexibility and speed to support innovation.

Why Drive to Standardization with gA?

● gA designs, builds, deploys, supports and evolves global and regional models for multinational companies and regional leading groups in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, supporting world wide deployments with gA’s network of Global Services Partners


● gA’s Replicable Integrated Model (gA’s RIM©), under the dBT framework, provides a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture according to TOGAF standards, including Process Models, Applications, Platforms, Integration, Data Management, Organization and Roles, Security and Compliance

● gA’s RIM methodology provides an organization for the global model layers and a governance approach to define a Global Model, establish centrally defined and common components, provide for flexibility to include required statutory, regulatory regulations and consider certain local specific business procedures that may be required

● gA’s RIM approach helps balancing model adaptability with the required standardization to provide control, knowledge reuse, best practices adoption and controlled flexibility

● gA designs, deploys and provides support for leading multi-national, multi-regional organizations, supported by platforms such as Oracle, SAP, DSI, Salesforce as well as various Integration and Analytical tools, along with enterprise repositories to design and manage global models

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