We contribute value to the community to generate a positive impact, starting from who we are and what we do.

gA, as a knowledge organization, believes in education as a tool for social transformation and equitable development.

Fostering a Future is an initiative aimed at school-leavers. The program aims to coach these young people in their entry into the job market and their higher education.

Its purpose is to provide the tools to contribute to improving their chances for employment and the continuation of their curricular education by means of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), while working with them to develop the various abilities and skills required in the job market.

How was the Program developed?
To design the program we worked together with the Cimientos y Fundación Evolución to analyze the state of education in Latin America, the needs of the young people who do not manage to enter the job market and the restrictions they encountered to continue their studies or get their first job. At the same time we analyzed the knowledge available in gA and how this could strengthen the program.

To implement the program we established strategic partnerships with several organizations that have a proven track record in the field in each of the countries where we operate, creating a working group where a wide variety of view points and different types of expertise contribute to providing an original and constructive approaches and adapting them to local conditions.

Fostering a Future Volunteers
The gA volunteers take part by sharing their knowledge and experience and introduce the young people to tangible reality by transforming theories into actual experiences.  

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