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We are gA

gA is the leading independent Latin American business process transformation firm. We partner with leading companies around the world to help them reach their regional and global business aspirations. gA´s business culture and distinctive approach are the result of attracting the finest talent from the leading Latin American cities. With forward thinking and constant commitment, we look ahead and get things done for every business we partner with. 

Our BPT model changes not only the underlying technology, but the company and the people who use it, creating measurable value to organizations. Our Full Transformation Lifecycle Management guarantees that every detail is completed, from the big and obvious to the small and potentially forgettable, from strategy, roadmap, and large transformational projects, to maintenance management models and continuous improvement of applications.

We are regional partner of SAP and Oracle, and recognized as a global specialist in the practice of Oracle-JDEdwards. Twenty years of experience have created a profound knowledge and track record of successful projects in 5 vertical markets: Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods; Retail; Natural Resources and Chemicals; Banking and Financial Services; and Life Sciences and Healthcare.

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