Management Team

Roberto Wagmaister – CEO and Chairman

Founded gA in 1992. Previously, was partner at Henry Martin y Asociados and Regional Latin America Director in IT Services at Ernst & Young.

Paul Dougall – VP, Head of Corporate Development

Joined gA in 1999. Previously, was Equity Capital Markets Director at Deutsche Bank Argentina.

Adrián F. Jerbic – Co-COO

Joined gA in 1992 and in 2002 he was appointed country manager for gA in Mexico. Currently, Regional Vice-President of gA in Mexico. Previously, worked at Ernst & Young.

Claudio Della Penna – Co-COO

Joined gA in 2000 as Chief Services Officer (CSO) and Director of the consumer products/industry vertical market. Currently Vice-President of application management services. Previously a Partner at Accenture.

Gabriela González Vildosola – Senior Director, Human Capital
Joined gA in 1993 as consultant. She has more than 17 years of experience leading regional and global project implementation. 

Paulo Eduardo Brugugnoli, VP, AMS
Joined gA in 1998 in our office in Brazil. Is one of the leaders in the practice of Application Management Services (AMS).

Juan Pablo Prat Campos – Country Manager, Chile
Joined the firm in 2013. Has 20 years of experience in IT, working in leadership positions at SAP, Oracle and IBM

Ariel Capone – VP, Head of Life Science & Healthcare
Joined gA in 1999, through our Young Professionals program. He is responsible of the Life Sciences and Healthcare division.

Márcio Caputo – VP, Brazil Country Head & Managing Director of Retail division

One of the founders of a company acquired by gA in Brazil in 1999. Focuses on Retail, new client acquisition and Brazil talent recruiting.

Federico A. Tagliani – VP, Head of Consumer Goods & Manufacturing division

One of the original founders of gA in 1992. Led the start-up of the gA office in Brazil.

Ricardo Fisch – Chief IT Architect

Joined gA in 1994 as Project Manager for CPG and Industrial clients to head the Industrial Vertical Market as well as innovation initiatives to improve BPT services. Currently heads the global Solution Architecture team.

Santiago De Urquiza – VP, BPM
Joined gA in 1993 and since 2002 is based in Mexico. He is the head of the practice of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Transformation (BPT).

Fernando Rodríguez López – Country Manager, Mexico
Joined gA in 2012. Previously worked at IBM Mexico as BPT Consultant, then worked 14 years for SAP Mexico in several positions (last 5 years as Sales Director). Throughout 2012 he worked as Global Accounts Director for Lenovo in Latin America.

Guillermo A. Buccieri – Senior Director, AMS
Works in the company in 1997. Leaded projects with key clients in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Mexico and is currently one of the leaders in our practice of Application Management Services (AMS).

Alejandro La Pietra – CFO
Joined gA in 2013. He has a corporate role in Administration & Finance, Management Control, Planning & Control, Taxation, Commercial Contracts and Infrastructure. He is an Accountant from University of Buenos Aires, and completed his education with two postgraduate degrees in IAE Business School and UCA.

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