Business Process Management

In today ever changing economy companies need to adapt constantly to succeed and survive. Business opportunities need to be seized before competitors. Threats need to be addressed before they do real damage to the business. Key differentiators maintained and expanded. Basics need to be reliable enough to allow managers to focus on strategic aspects of the business.
To do this a company needs to have a solid process foundation in place.
gA Business Process Management practice addresses these situations by implementing solid mechanisms to manage company business processes. It focuses on how to define, document, implement and improve business processes with a practical approach.
We use an holistic approach to process orientation efficiently in our customers organization. Some of the tools we use are:
  • Aris Business Process Modelling Suite for process modeling and analysis
  • SAP Productivity Pack and Oracle User Productivity Kit, for end user training
  • SAP BPM and Oracle BPM for process automation
Our BPM services can help you:
  • Define improvement initiatives through Process Roadmaps
  • Implement a Business Process Office which delivers value to the business through process optimization and measurement
  • Implement ERP solutions with a clear focus on process improvement
  • Implement SOA to ensure the promise of productivity and reuse
  • Automate processes through the use of Business Process Management Suites, such as SAP BPM and Oracle BPM
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